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Justice, Bangladesh style

However, witnesses said some plainclothes RAB men had picked up Sumon and two others from the office of a cable operator in Goran where he worked as a cashier. They said a man first entered the office of Lorel International, the cable operator, in East Goran, at about 8:30 pm on Monday. A few others followed him and identified themselves as RAB members. “One of them loaded his pistol and pointed it to Sumon’s abdomen. Another man blindfolded Sumon, Hanif and Bidyut. Then they left the place in a yellow taxicab,” a shopkeeper in the area said, seeking anonymity. Hanif and Bidyut are the mechanics of the cable operator. “About 50 people witnessed the incident. The plainclothes RAB men later put on their uniform before pushing the three youths into the cab,” he said. Asked about the alleged criminal activities, most locals said Sumon was polite and modest and he was not involved in crimes.